Red Mountain Family Dental offers dental wax-ups to help you get an idea of what your smile will look like after one or multiple treatments. By simply taking an impression of your mouth, Dr. Josephson can visually show you how specific treatments will enhance your smile before carrying out a procedure. For more information about dental wax-ups in Mesa, Arizona, and to schedule an appointment with our experienced dentist, please contact us at 480-641-4165.

Dr. Josephson may suggest using a dental wax-up if you are interested in seeing how our treatments can enhance the appearance of your smile. A dental wax-up can be used for a variety of cosmetic and restorative dental services that change your smile’s look. Our team will first take an impression of your mouth, which is used to create a three-dimensional model of your smile. We can then make adjustments to help you better visualize the results of your treatment options and how your smile will look once treatment is completed. Depending on your unique dental needs and your goals for your smile, these adjustments may include:

• Replacing missing teeth
• Repairing broken or chipped teeth
• Closing spaces and gaps between teeth
• Adjusting the position of teeth
• Changing the shape of teeth
• Evening out the gum line
• Smoothing out uneven areas of teeth
• And more!

To find out how a dental wax-up can help you better understand your smile’s potential, we invite you to contact us today at Red Mountain Family Dental.