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Are your storage closets stocked with dehydrated food, gallons of water, wilderness survival kits and first aid items? Do you want to be ready for almost any emergency? Then you might be a prepper. Perhaps you’re just getting into the prepper scene. Or maybe you just want to be prepared. Either way, a dental first aid kit is an essential and often overlooked part of emergency preparedness. Here are some important items to consider putting in your kit, along with a few words of explanation for items that may be new to you:

-Plastic or metal tweezers
-Cotton rolls and/or pellets
-Orasol gel packets
-Small dental mirror
-Antimicrobial skin wipes
-Dental floss/flossers
-Small sterile gauze pads
-Temporary filling material—an over-the-counter polymer that temporarily repairs your lost filling.
-Temporary cement—a hard, brittle mixture of liquid and powder designed to temporarily hold a loose crown or tooth in place. You can buy it online or at a local drugstore.
-Small mixing bowl—for mixing cement or filling material
-Dental Spatulas—This is a small spatula you can use for mixing dental cement or temporary fillings
-Ibuprofen tablets
-Dental picks–You can actually buy online those long metal picks that dentists use to clean your teeth. They’re really useful and reasonably priced.
-Dental wax—This wax can provide relief for those experiencing irritation caused by orthodontic appliances.
-A sheet of instructions for using all or just a few of these items. You can research their uses online or buy a kit that already has instructions in it.

Though these items are definitely useful, they are usually only temporary solutions. If you are experiencing a dental emergency, please call Red Mountain Family Dental in Mesa, AZ at 480-641-4165. Drs. Scott Josephson and Timothy Yu are here to meet your needs.