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You may know that gum disease is a serious problem that you should try to avoid. Luckily, you can usually avoid it by brushing, flossing, and scheduling regular appointments with our dentist. However, even if you do everything you can, you could still find yourself with gum disease. Fortunately, there are a number of other things you can do to prevent the issues caused by gum disease.

In reality, gum disease can actually lead to a number of problems. To make matters worse, if you don’t deal with gum disease, it could become worse. In reality, gum disease can lead to persistent bad breath, sensitive teeth, and sore and sensitive gums. Gum disease could even affect the bone that holds your teeth in place and can cause premature tooth loss. This can also make your teeth shift.

Luckily, you may be able to reverse gum disease by brushing and flossing. However, did you know that implants could actually help if you’ve started to lose bone structure? You see, implants are placed in your bone, which supports bone growth. Similarly, if you’ve lost a tooth because of gum disease, an implant can offer you a valid restoration, while restoring your ability to chew and speak comfortably.

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