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While often initially more expensive than options for restoring teeth, several factors can make dental implants more cost effective and healthier in the long run.

Cost Effectiveness
Some dental restoration options have a lower upfront cost, such as bridges and dental crowns. However, dental bridges and dental crowns often have to be replaced every 5-10 years due to wear and tear. Implants are more cost effective in the long run because they last much longer.

Better Long-Term Health
Dental implants can also offer greater long-term oral health benefits than other options. Tooth replacements like dentures and bridges hold a replacement tooth over the socket of the missing tooth, but do nothing to keep the socket healthy. Without a tooth there, your body will allow the bone to deteriorate. Dental implants mimic the root of the tooth and bond with the bone, stimulating healthy bone formation.

Higher Quality of Life
Implants mimic both the function and the appearance of your natural teeth, so there could be no telltale teeth stuck together like in a bridge. Also, since the implant is fused to the jaw bone, there is no chance of it slipping while talking, eating, or laughing like a denture might.

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