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Gum (periodontal) disease is one of the most common oral health issues in America. Nearly half of people over 30 have serious gum disease. It is quite easy to develop and can be very difficult to reverse. And there are all kinds of factors that can influence how quickly it spreads. Knowing these can help you determine your risk for gum disease.

Anyone can get gum disease, and it almost always gets its start when plaque builds up and infects the gums. But other conditions can exasperate it. One of the most common is another illness, such as diabetes. Because people with diabetes have more trouble staving off infection, gum disease can spread with greater facility in them. So much so, in fact, that 1 in every 5 total tooth losses can be linked to diabetes. Some cancers can also impact gum conditions.

Certain medications also influence oral health. A common side effect of many is to cause dry mouth. Bacteria in the mouth thrive more in a dryer, saliva-free environment. This means that in addition to gum disease, people with dry mouth are also more likely to develop cavities.

Hormonal changes associated with pregnancy is a common influencer of gum disease in women. The gums can become more sensitive and therefore more susceptible to infection.

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